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The Night & I

we are the same,

the Night and I

blinking into the corridor—

nothing tangible here

when the darkness is in me

the fear goes


I stare into black;

a mirror

one entity

edges bleeding into thick shadows;

yesterday I was quick to escape

today I stop and wait

we are the same,

the Night and I

in moments of weakness

we lean in close

it’s all right

it whispers

I am here

open your eyes

in Night you can be as clear as day—

wear this cloak and tell me anything

your words will rest in this corner

and I will repeat them back to you

we are the same,

the Night and I

bending into shapes unlike ourselves

swallowing what we know

protecting what we love

pondering what we hate

we fear the accuser

the unforgiving eye

the demander of clarity

—the Morning.

stay away

the Night whispers

your time will come;

this time is ours.

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