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Thorne is an Essence. 
Existing in Earth's parallel dimension Ethra amongst eight others like him—and yet each crucially different—his eternal purpose remains unchanging. He must contribute to a system of free will where human spirits are supplied with a series of key qualities. 
A gaping flaw presents itself when Kayna, an Essence of the darkest nature, wreaks havoc amongst the people of Ethra. 
The Essences face a difficult decision. Are they to clean up the messes forever left in Kayna's wake, or defy the freedom they were granted in the beginning to capture her? 
Are you new to the Essence Chronicles? 
Though a prequel to Essence, Thorne may be read as a standalone novella; an introduction to the enchanted world of Ethra and a vital turn in the history of the Essences.

THORNE Paperback (Signed)

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