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Grab a signed copy of Luminessence - book two of The Essence Chronicles.


Abbey Shader has chosen to remain in Ethra, a parallel dimension where those around her have begun to impose their seemingly impossible expectations. As the Melder, Abbey is required to balance all qualities accessible to the human spirit according to those she desires herself, during the process of the Breathing. 
In the meantime, Abbey is determined to make sense of the pull she feels toward Zacharias Nellerwood, a beautiful boy from this strange new world. After accompanying him to the underground village of Preo, where his family have presumed him dead for ten years, Abbey begins to uncover certain secrets of the past that may impact her future. 
Time splits as history brings the present to light, and with the guidance of the eclectic, immortal band of Essences, Abbey is brought closer to understanding the Truth and her place in it. 
Luminessence is the second instalment of The Essence Chronicles trilogy.

LUMINESSENCE Paperback (Signed)

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